The 70th Week Of Daniel 9 Decoded Book Trojan Horse

This 70th week of Daniel Bible study post provides a rebuttal to a review on Amazon about The 70th Week Of Daniel 9 Decoded book. Someone in my Facebook End Time Deceptions group commented, “On Amazon, The 70th Week Of Daniel 9 Decoded book, a rating and review dated August 2, 2021, this person partially agrees … Read more

Prophecy Watchers Gary Stearman And Ken Johnson On The Rapture

This 70th week of Daniel Bible study post reviews a video by Gary Stearman of Prophecy Watchers called Ken Johnson: The Rapture of the Church? Video description: It may be the most controversial subject in Christendom today—the rapture of the Church. It’s a critical Bible doctrine that has its share of skeptics and bashers. Will we … Read more

Steven Ben DeNoon Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9 Video

This 70th week of Daniel Bible study page reviews Steven Ben DeNoon of Israeli News Live, Seventy Weeks of Daniel and the Corruption video. Video description: How many people really know that Daniel prophesied of the corruption of the Levitical Priest when he wrote about the seventy weeks of Daniel. That’s 490 years that the Levitical … Read more

Pastor Chuck Baldwin On The Fulfillment Of The 70th Week Of Daniel 9

This 70th week of Daniel Bible study page features an article from Pastor Chuck Baldwin, about the historical fulfillment of the 70th Week Of Daniel 9 prophecy. We are hearing evangelical pastors, preachers and Christians all over this country twist the Scripture and say to their fellow believers: 1. The Rapture is going to soon deliver … Read more

The 7 Year Tribulation Deception or The 70th Week as History

This website teaches the true fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel, so that you can see the deception of the enemy about a supposed futuristic 7-year tribulation period. This video from Nicklas Arthur provides a great summary of the fulfillment of Daniel 9:24, and how Messiah confirmed the covenant of Daniel 9:27. . Related … Read more

Contact The 70th Week Of Daniel Study Author

If you have questions about a particular 70th Week Of Daniel 9 study, please read the related studies, as they might answer your question. If you disagree with an explanation, please provide scriptural evidence for your position. Just saying that you disagree, or that your Pastor or a top radio/TV preacher teaches differently, is not … Read more

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