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This 70th Week Of Daniel 9 Decoded post features a video from Dr. John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries DTBM, called DOES JESUS REALLY SAY THAT HALF THE WORLD’S POPULATION DIES IN THE FINAL SEVEN YEARS?

Video description: This is the series called “Straight From the Bible” and is a collection of some of John Barnett’s all-time most favorite Q&A sessions. All of these videos are short and to the point. We hope they will strengthen, encourage, and help many who are seeking to know the Lord or know Him better!

Dr. John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries points to futuristic seals, a conqueror, conflict, scarcity, death, marytrs and cosmic disturbances.

Most of the prophecies in Revelation have been fulfilled in exacting detail during the last 1,900 years. It describes the historical narrative of the Satan-empowered leaders of the Roman beast kingdom (pagan Emperors > antichrist beast Popes > false prophet Jesuit Superior Generals) fighting against Messiah and His saints.

John couldn’t say that the seals were about the fall of the Roman Empire, as that would have invited more persecution from the Romans, so he used symbols to convey the message.

John was given the Revelation in the 90-95 AD, and in Revelation 1:1 Messiah told him that these things would take place shortly.

1st Seal – The white horse represents the ‘conquering’ Roman Empire, from 98-117 AD, as under the reign of Emperor Trajan it was a time of its greatest expansion and their military conquests were celebrated by riding ‘white horses’ in their victory parades. Roman Emperors Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius, were descendants of the Isle of Crete, who were famous bowmen, so the ‘bow‘ points directly at them. The ‘crown’ represents the laurel wreathes of victory that were worn by the Caesars after their armies had won a military battle.

During the first few centuries, Messiah set up His kingdom which grew into millions of followers in a short period of time, as the apostles and early church were scattered due to persecution, so the Gospel was spread around the Roman Empire. Paul’s missions expanded the kingdom and established many Churches.

And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.” Daniel 2:44

Messiah went forth on His victorious mission of taking control of countries with His Gospel and of avenging the martyrs deaths by causing the Roman Empire to decline during the seal judgments. Messiah overthrows the greatest power the world has ever known, the mighty Roman Empire, not with weapons, but with the sword of His Word. Messiah will return on a white horse to destroy the last phase of the Roman beast.

2nd Seal – The Red horse represents a bloody time in the Roman Empire from 185-284 AD, as it went into a phase of revolution and civil war for 90 years, during which there were 32 emperors and 27 contenders for the throne.

3rd Seal – The Black horse represents a period of gloom and despair, as the Romans suffered under excessive taxes that were needed to pay for wars. The pricing for wheat and barley point to food scarcity from 222-235 AD.

4th Seal – The Pale horse represents 1/4th of Romans dying from famine, plague, pestilence and violence, from 250-300 AD. The word ‘earth‘ is pointing to the Roman Empire as the ‘land’ of prophecy.

5th Seal – It represents the millions of martyrs who were killed by the Roman Empire, especially the Smyrna church era martyrs who Emperor Diocletian persecuted for tenyears, from 303-312 AD. Their blood cried out for Elohim to avenge their deaths.

6th Seal – Earthquakes in the prophecy represent great political upheavals. Eastern Emperor Constantine defeated Diocletian’s army in 312 AD, which ended the persecutions. Diocletian (the Sun) was so panic stricken, he died insane. Constantine defeated emperors Maxentius and Licinius to become sole ruler of both west and east by 324 AD. The Roman leaders (stars) fell and their power receded as a scroll. The mountains and islands that were moved out of place, were the countries and people that were affected by this political change.

Dr. John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries says that a great massacre takes place for 150 days, with searing pain from the scorpion things in the fifth trumpet.

Judgment continued to be poured out on the vast Roman Empire, which was full of apostate Christians who believe in salvation of works through their sacraments, and that Mary is the intercessor to the Father.

The fifth trumpet represents Elohim using the Arabian (Mohammedan) army against the Roman Empire from 612-762 AD, which is 150 years (5 months x 30 days = 150 days). They wore turbans (crowns of gold); they had beards (faces of men, as the Roman shaved); they had long hair like women; they wore chain-mail (breast-plates of iron); and they were fierce (teeth of lions). The ‘falling star’ was Mohammed, the ‘smoke’ out of Satan’s bottomless pit is the false religion of Islam, which hides the Gospel from Arabs eyes.

Dr. John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries points to the horse-like creatures come out in the sixth trumpet.

The sixth trumpet represents Elohim releasing the Turks to cross over the Euphrates River to conquer 1/3rd of the Roman Empire for 391 years (prepared for the hour and day and month and year, 1 + 30 + 360 = 391) from 1062-1453 AD. They used gunpowder muskets, so ‘fire, smoke and brimstone’ appeared at their horses mouths. They used large cannons, some with the faces of lions on them, to knock down the thick protective walls of Constantinople.

Dr. John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries says that the seal and trumpet judgments of Revelation kill more than half of all the world dies. 3.7 billion people in seven years.

The seven years is based on the false concept of a futuristic 70th week of Daniel 9. The 70th week of Daniel 9 is about Messiah’s ministry and His blood sacrifice as the Spotless Lamb to atone for our sins. It has nothing to do with the antichrist or the end times.

Dr. John Barnett Discover the Book Ministries Seven Years Video

Read The 70th Week Of Daniel 9 Decoded

Dr. John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries teaches a futuristic fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel 9, the Olivet Discourse and the prophecies in Revelation.

The Olivet Discourse foretold the events that would lead to the desolation of Jerusalem, the second temple and the Jewish nation; as punishment for the Jewish leaders continuing in rebellion against the Heavenly Father and for delivering His Son up to be killed. It has nothing to do with the antichrist or the end times.

The explanations of Dr. John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries serve to deflect blame away from the enemy in Rome, and to mislead the end-times saints so that they’re not prepared for how the end-times will play out, and don’t know the context of Messiah’s return.

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